My Experince Today with EFT, and My Custom Computer Area

my computer area 1, originally uploaded by ironmanx.

This is my creative computer area…I custom designed and built it…It was a lot of Fun to do, and I really Enjoy it !!!******

I took the second computer out though, cause I wasn’t using it.

I have had some more success with Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT, tapping),. Now I am able to meditate first thing in the morning instead of after blogging for a couple hours. this also means that my morning depression has dropped also, since it is part of why I did not feel ready to meditate. The CFS, Chronic Fatique Syndrome I have causes the depression. So this is Big for me. The other thing is , Ive been drinking coffee all through the day for a number of years, an addiction, and although I did not work on it the other tapping I was doing produce this side effect of my coffee addiction going away. One day a week ago at about 7:30 PM, I walked in the kitchen, saw the coffee pot, and realized I had not had any coffee that day. Plus I did not want to have any at that point. Its been a week now and still, no desire for coffee. This is Very Big for me.

Today, Joshua, my 8 year old son, was having trouble doing well with a video game, scoring 2 or 3…he was very upset, mad, and crying. I talked with him about it and we did some tapping. We had him play again then. He scored 7, the an 8. He was Very Excited about that !

Joshua and I did some work with EFT earlier today too, on a fear he discovered about deep water. Before we even finished the first round, he reported that his fear was gone.

We then worked on an upset he had with his teacher. Again, before we even finished the first round, he said he was no longer mad at her.

Kids respond very quilkly, becuase they don’t have all the stuff to deal with that adults have.

EFT is very powerful, and can accomplish, despell in minutes, what years of therapy did little with.

It can be used on any thing, fears, upsets, addictions, illnesses, sports, business etc…

What would your life be like with out some fears or addictions you have ?

What would it be like to live free from guilt over something from the past ?

EFT can clear these up for you.

If you’d like to learn more, here is the Free Get Started Package, where you can get the EFT Manual, also there is the EFT DVD Library.

All the Best My Friend’z !!!******


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