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Using Emotional Freedom Techniques with The Secret


I have watched the movie “The Secret” a few times and my son and I are reading the book together. Maybe you have seen the movie and read the book too.

My Dad is a tharipist and has been using Emotional Freedom Technique’s, (EFT), for a couple years now, and has been helping me learn it too, so I can help others by using EFT. Anyway, he told me about Pat Carrington who was trained by Gary Craig. Pat has written some Great articles on Using EFT with The Secret, that I am really enjoying. The way she starts off with was a surprise to me, but goes right to the core of the situation and makes total since.

From Gary Craig, to us, about this seven part series by Pat Carrington,

Hi Everyone,

In this 7 part series, EFT Master Pat Carrington delves into the complexities of the Law of Attraction as depicted by the DVD and book known as “The Secret.” The Law of Attraction (LOA) has tremendous appeal but most people just can’t seem to harness it in their favor. This series will tell you why it can be so difficult and how EFT is the essential ingredient to making it work. Indeed, EFT may well be The Answer.

Hugs, Gary

Here is the first part of part #1

“You may have heard of, or seen “The Secret”, the popular movie that is being sold as a DVD, and its companion book of the same name. Based on a concept known as the Law of Attraction, the DVD is a runaway best seller that has already been featured twice on the Oprah Winfrey show and many other major television shows.

Many of those who learned about the Law of Attraction from the pioneering work of Abraham Hicks in this area, consider the impressive success of The Secret as a sign of a change in consciousness occurring in our world today, one which they hope will bring us to a more enlightened stage of evolution.

There are some grounds for concern about The Secret’s startling success, however. This is because the movie neglects to mention certain pieces of information that must be known for the method to be fully successful. If The Secret is not used correctly it cannot fulfill the promises made in its name, and if this happens the public could easily conclude that they “have tried that idea and it doesn’t work,” an attitude which could have very undesirable consequences for a concept that is, at the very least, worthy of serious consideration.

Actually, EFT may turn out to be a powerful aid to The Secret, because what is omitted from the movie is a viable method for changing a person’s vibrational frequency. Yet it is clear that a means of changing one’s energy frequency must be used with The Secret or it cannot work. An energy intervention is therefore necessary if one is to apply the concepts of “The Secret” successfully. To explain why, I will refer to the book, “The Secret”.

This book is described by its authors as giving details of the concepts expressed in the movie that were discarded on the cutting room floor when the movie was edited. Of necessity the director had to select only certain portions of the original footage so that the film would fit within a certain time frame, and the book claims to have reinstated much of this information. For this reason, I will consider the book to be the authoritative source of information about this concept.”

There are seven parts to this, a lot of information for you on Using EFT with The Secret.

Let me know what you think.

This is an introductory video to EFT, by Gary Craig.

Watch the new EFT video

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Emotional Freedom Techniques Book StoreUsing EFT with Children

Benifits of Using EFT with Children – Emotional Freedom Techniques


Here is one example of using EFT with Kids, Steve Lavine who teaches Guitar and how he uses EFT with his students.


By Steve Levine, EFT-ADV

Hi Gary,

Over the past 5 years of being an Advanced EFT practitioner and a guitar instructor I’ve seen so many emotional and physical issues relieved with EFT it just amazes me. Here are some of them:

1) Students who complain of finger pain get instant relief by simply tapping the fingers of the opposite hand that hurts. Typically the left hand fingers hurt the most from pressing on the strings. The youngsters I teach they are amazed when there pain is gone in two to three rounds of simple finger tapping.

2) A 15 year old student who continually beat herself up for not playing the right notes got relief in one session. This turned out to be a global OCD issue which affected her in all areas of her academic life. She felt the need to do everything perfectly the first time. The OCD started when her second grade teacher scolded her for not drawing a good picture and promptly crumbled up her picture and threw it in the garbage. From then on she would obsess over doing everything perfectly related to schoolwork and learning. She feared being reprimanded for not doing perfect work. All this was gone with 30 minutes of EFT.

3) A 50 year old student complained of hearing loss and tinnitus in his left ear. This was the result of a surgery for an abscess in his ear 10 years prior that left him with 50% hearing loss and tinnitus. We tapped for less than 10 minutes, focusing on just the tinnitus in his left ear. His hearing returned and his tinnitus reduced to almost zero! He said that he could hear in “3D” for the first time in years. He was simply shocked and astounded.

4) Students often come in to their first lesson with anxiety about learning music, new teacher, performance anxiety etc. Since it is their first lesson I use mental or remote EFT, just imagining the meridian points lighting up red. Usually in 5 minutes all of them are relaxed and ready to learn. I can do this while I’m teaching.

5) On many occasions I’ve had students who were squinting to see the notes. I ask them if they are having trouble seeing. If they say yes I ask if they would like to try a simple technique that may help them to see better. This has never failed me. Every student that has had blurry vision had it clear up with about 5 minutes of EFT. All of them were younger students from 5-15 years old.

6) Students with physical complaints of headaches, neck pain, back pain, leg pain, wrist pain (carpal tunnel), and foot pain all get relief with less than 10 minutes of EFT. There are also many one minute wonders.

7) Students with allergies, runny noses, coughing, itchy eyes, get a good degree of relief within minutes of applying EFT.

8) Students who come in with anger or depression issues from home or school get quick relief and can then focus easily on their lesson.

9) Students with ADD/ADHD often need more EFT than I can give them in a 30 minute lesson. Ten minutes of EFT seems to calm them down enough to be able to focus for the duration of the lesson. I often use remote EFT as the physical tapping takes too much time away from the lesson.

10) This one is probably the greatest asset to any teacher who struggles with a rowdy group of students and it is EFT at its best. Can you imagine a classroom full of rowdy kids and all of them with EFT points lighting up at the same time? I’ve tried it and actually have seen them calm down within about 5 minutes. It is possible to do this but requires very good visualization. If you are a teacher familiar with remote or distance EFT try it sometime. If you can’t visualize the whole classroom of kids just try a few of the loudest troublemakers first. You may be very surprised by what is possible just using your imagination and EFT!

As you can see EFT has been a Godsend for my students and myself. EFT has allowed me to teach music much more effectively. The results I see with so many different types of issues are close to 100%. In my humble opinion EFT should be a standard therapy every teacher should know.

Many Blessings

Steve Levine


There are Many More examples of Using EFT with Children, just imagine a world where EFT is taught to us in school, from the very first day…kids who can free themselves of fear and negative thoughts and feelings…so there imagination and creativity can Soar !!!******


In what ways do you feel this would change the world we live in ???


I am just starting to show some to Joshua, my son, and he loves it. Yesterday, I told his Mom about it too, and Joshua started showing her how to do some of it, Wow, that Feelz Really Good !!!******


Reading though Using EFT with Children will give you many ideas of how you can use EFT with your kids. They really pick right up on it !


How would your life be different by using EFT with your children ???

How can you get started, Get the Free EFT Get Started Package and the 5 Star DVD’s

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5 Star DVD’s Advantages: (1) Will make an expert out of any student, (2) You don’t need to be a licensed professional to get remarkable benefits out of this training, (3) You can study the DVDs in your living room at your leisure, (4) You can instant replay anything you want for a more thorough education, (5) Training is conducted by Gary Craig, EFT Founder, (6) This is how most students choose to get their EFT education, (7) The DVDs contain far more examples and live sessions than are possible in any live workshop, (8) They are very affordable and, with discounts, cost less than $3 per hour of instruction. Disadvantages: Although extensive support is available on our website and the EFT Insights newsletter, it is not a hands on training. Explore the 5 Start DVDs

Using EFT is already making a remarkable difference for me, changing my daily experience of living with CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Helping me shift out of morning depression and getting rid of migraine headaches with about 10 minutes of using some of the EFT techniques. Then through out my day I keep using EFT to eliminate pain and fatigue. There are certain tapping points that work specifically on reducing and eliminating CFS, which I am starting to learn now, I will share more as I learn more…

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Emotional Freedom Techniques Book StoreUsing EFT with Children


2 Video’s – Demonstrating EFT – Tapping

Here are two video’s telling about where to tap, some of the points to tap. You can tap or rub gently. I just got rid of a mygrain headahe doing some tapping for about seven minutes.

I will be posting more information about the Emotional Freedom Techniques in the days to come…the technique has become more simplified.

If you are spiritually inclined and meditate, using EFT will help you go deeper in meditation. Any time we can release fear and upset, which EFT does, we can go deeper in our meditations, and advance more quickly spiritually. There are tapping points for the chakra’s too, that we will get to as well.

Watch the new EFT video

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