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Form & Emptiness


Are planet Earth, would be but a speck in this one Galaxy.



There are countless galaxies in this photograph !

Sunset From Space, originally uploaded by eleigurl.

Sunset on Earth, from Space. 

After waking up from my nap today, I sat on the couch, lit some sage…

Then I noticed a book of mine, “The little Zen Companion”…I picked it up…and opened it to page 230…


This is found in the beginning of the Heart Sutra…


“Form is no different from emptiness.

Emptiness is no different from form.

Form is precisely emptiness,

emptiness is precisely form.”


In learning about Buddhism I learned that emptiness = fullness, the two representing God.

With the above quote “Form” then is God, and I thought of the couch I was sitting on…and how it is always there for me, holding me up, for as long as I want to sit or lay there…Or the floor, or the earth always there, holding me up…air to breath…

I want to go on and on with this awareness so that I can realize Gods Love and Presence more and more…

Another quote from the pages I was reading…

“A particle is not a separate entity but a set of relationships. The world is an interconnected tissue of events, a dynamic unbroken whole. Scientist are no longer observers but participants. And physics and mysticism converge in striking parallels, leading back full circle.”

“A powerful awareness lies dormant in these discoveries [of modern physics]: an awareness of the hither to-unsuspected powers of the mind to mold ‘reality,’ rather than the other way around. In this sense the philosophy of physics is becoming indistinguishable from the philosophy Buddhism, which is the philosophy of enlightenment.”


I am Grateful for God…and for him creating us in his images his likeness…Gods, Co-Creating with Him…

Knowing this, what do you want to do ?


God = Love

The True You = Love

This being so, then we are form and emptiness.

How do you want to use your Infinite Source of Love ?


I Love you Lord…Bless each of us with a Deeper and Deeper awareness of your Loving presence..that we may know ourselves as Infinite, All Powerful, Loving Souls…

It is through Loving that we create a Blissful World.

So I ask myself, How can I love those around me more deeply ?

How can I see every situation as perfect ?

Meditating each day, helps me know the answers to these questions more clearly and deeply…Helps me Feel Gods presence more and more deeply.

What are some of your insights from this post ?



All the Best My Friend’z !!!******

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The Orange County Health and Wellness Expo in Irvine, California

曠野寄情\hiking in taiwan, originally uploaded by photocello2006.

Raw food is good food, originally uploaded by jhritz.

The Living Temple and The Law of Attraction Center along with numerous sponsors and vendors will be hosting a monthly Health, Wellness and Green Expo in Irvine. These expansive, leading edge events will be host to 40 vendors and 5 speakers on numerous topics. The hours are from 11:00am – 6:00pm.

The cost is $29.95 pre-sale and $39.95 at the door.

Please check out The Living Temple !

Please check out The Law of Attraction Center !To reserve a vendor table or to be a guest speaker, please contact:

The Living Temple
714.891.5117 Robin Jones
The Law of Attraction Center
714.330.4031 Brad Axelrad

To your health, wellness and abundance!!!


All the Best My Friend’z !!!******

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The Radical Power of Gratitude

Sunrise on the Amazon, originally uploaded by Getty72.

Sunrise on the Rio Copaca, originally uploaded by wquatman.

Amazon Sunrise, originally uploaded by MylesMellor.


Brad Axlerad from the “Law of Attraction Center” sent this to our Law of Attraction Meetup Group. I enjoy it so much I wanted to share it with you.

The Radical Power of Gratitude

By Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald, see there website – Enlightened Beings

Every time you give thanks for how the Universe has blessed you, you send out a high vibrational energy that starts magnetizing even more love, joy and abundance into your life. Gratitude is one of the most powerful and transformational energies on the planet. Whenever you are grateful, your body starts bathing in the energy of joy and abundance. You ignite a deeper knowingness that you are truly fulfilled and lack nothing at all. Your energy naturally becomes peaceful, content and loving. Your being simply becomes a gift to others who may feel a sense of lack inside. Our inner world manifests into our outer world, and choosing gratitude is what allows you to help this world to heal and open its infinite reservoirs of loving, co-creative energy.

“At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.” Thich Nhat Hanh

The amazing thing about gratitude is that you cannot experience fear, scarcity, or doubt when you are in it. By simply being thankful for what is, you instantly relieve yourself from all internal suffering and can begin to know your soul’s real path and mission here. Deep deep down you are already divinely blessed with a great power. You were born with the divine connection and resources to manifest anything and everything that you need. From recognizing this blessed place within, you become a massive magnet for attracting even more love, success, and divine relationships into your life. Take a few moments here to simply imagine what your life will look and FEEL like when you are constantly grateful for what is. By practicing imagining you are living in gratitude, you automatically become more receptive towards the divinity that is already deeper within you.

For the next 24 hours, we invite you to do something truly radical and out of the ordinary. We want you to explore what it is like to continuously dive into gratitude. Make this day 100% dedicated to thanking the Universe. Give thanks to the sun that shines, the clouds that give you moisture, a friend that you have, your eyes, hands, and your ability to read and learn. You have been blessed with air to breathe and food to keep you alive. Say to yourself or out loud, “I am so thankful for my life!” Let these words sink deeply into the cells of your body. Let them penetrate you to the core. It is truly mind boggling how good it feels just to let in a little bit of gratefulness.

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say thank you?” William A. Ward

Where this invitation becomes radically powerful is when you practice being thankful to everyone that you cannot appreciate or be thankful for. These beings are teachers for you on your path nudging you to step more fully into your own power and truth. Thank them for this gift they are giving you! We are all fortunate to be alive, and partake of all of the amazing experiences that come our way. As you continuously practice giving thanks for those things you typically complain about, you will feel a great lightness overtake your life. You will naturally feel your energy expand and you will be filled with more joy and bliss than before. As you say “Thank You” to everything in your life that you were once unappreciative of, your body starts magnetizing even more abundance into your life. Gratitude essentially opens up the channels for abundance, allowing you to more easily receive the incredible gifts that the Universe has to offer. As you partake in this thankful habit you will always recognize the depth and beauty of your life and consciously see the blessings that each experience contains.

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” Meister Eckhart

How does it feel to have read this !!!!

Here are some things I am Grateful for…

Everyday in every way, is getting better and better…for this I am Very Grateful !!!******

I am grateful for my son Joshua.

I am grateful for my Dad.

I am grateful for my Brother.

I am grateful for my friend’s.

I am grateful for the food we have each day to eat.

I am grateful for our home.

I am grateful for all that we have.

I am grateful for this Beautiful day.

I am grateful to have The Law of Attraction Meetup Group to be with others who are grateful, positive, respectful, happy people.

I am grateful for my 5.0 Mustang.

What are 10 things you are Grateful for ???

All the Best My Friend’z !!!******

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